Your Concerns? 您的担忧

1. Not allowed to go out during MCO period / MCO期间不能出门
2. Drinks outside are too sweet or unhealthy / 外面饮料过于甜或不健康
3. Not sure how to make certain drinks / 不会冲泡特式饮料

How DRNK Can Help? 给您的解决方案

1. We deliver straight to your doorstep / 快递直达家门口
2. DRNK products are generally not too sweet and healthier / DRNK饮料属微甜,较健康
3. We provide you with recipe & video guide / 提供食谱及影片供参考
4. Promise this will make Dad happy 😉 / 保证老爸父亲节快乐
5. High quality products & packaging / 高品质产品和包装


Arabica beans tend to have a smoother and sweeter taste, with hints of fruits and berries. There is also slight/pleasant acidity with litter bitterness.


Single origin is coffee sourced from one single farm, region or producer in one country. It delivers one particular taste, in its most stripped-down form, unique to its origin.


All coffee orders are roasted upon order, so that the coffee you receive is of tip top freshness and at peak deliciousness.




All ingredients used in Ultimate are of natural sources and non synthetic.


For a healthier you and healthier heart! 


Ultimate has NO additives such as food coloring, emulsifier or preservatives.


Keeping Ultimate a guilty free everyday drink while protecting your health.


Guaranteed mouthfeel and texture for every cup you have.


What others are saying about our yin yong set


try out 1 set first! We bet you will be happy with our price and quality

试一试吧!保证您满意我们的 价格和品质

Now only RM45, original price worth RM57

现在只需 RM45, 原价值 RM57

our courier services partners / 快递伙伴

Tracking numbers will be sent to your email. You should receive your parcel in 1-3 business day* after order is processed.

Delivery Cost within Peninsular Malaysia
(excluding Pangkor & Langkawi)

RM 7 for orders below RM50

Free shipping for orders above RM50

Delivery Cost to Pangkor & Langkawi

RM 7 for orders up to 1 kg

RM 9 for orders 1.1kg – 2kg


Delivery Cost to Sabah & Sarawak

RM 10 for orders up to 1 kg

RM 16 for orders 1.1kg – 1.5kg

RM 22 for orders 1.6kg – 2kg


*Only deliveries within Peninsular Malaysia. Deliveries to Sabah & Sarawak may take up to 7 business days.

For any inquiries 任何询问

WhatsApp us at +6012 – 812 8055

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